The Beginning After the End Review: The Best Manhwa I’ve Read!

the beginning after the end review

I’ve read numerous webtoons since I started reading them two years ago. But “The Beginning After the End” manhwa always tops the list of my favorite manhwa. With its constant flow of pace and story, it never fails to captivate the reader.

Solo Leveling is one of the best manhwa in recent years, and of course, it is one of my favorites besides Black Haze, The God of Highschool, and The Breaker. However, this manhwa is special and one of a kind.

When I read all the manhwa chapters, I went through the novel, and OMG, what an epic story that was? I couldn’t hold my anxiety, tears, and emotions in most instants. Let’s get a bit deeper into The Beginning After the End Review!

The Beginning After the End Review!

The Storyline

The plot might not be the strongest aspect, but for what it has to do, it didn’t fail to do so. It is not your typical isekai manga/manhwa because the story differs slightly from the normal ones.

The protagonist getting reincarnated into another world after getting killed isn’t a new concept. But why am I referring to it as a unique isekai manhwa? Well, the point lies in the storytelling and execution.

The Art

When I meant “Art,” in “The Beginning After the End review” the it isn’t the nickname of the main character Arthur Leywin; the artwork of the manhwa.

The artwork in this manhwa is truly an effortful one, and just by looking at the character designs, you can tell.

the beginning after the end review

I like the way how the battles are shown by utilizing mesmerizing colors. The characters are drawn darn well and especially, Tess (elf girl.)

The Main Character

I’ve seen Sung Jin-woo, who can be pretty badass, Rai, who can change his moods alternatively, but Arthur Leywin is quite wholesome.

the beginning after the end review

His character variations are amazing, like how he behaves as a responsible son at one moment and turns into a pure badass at other times. I’d say, Arthur, is the meaning of perfect MC!

Flow and Pace of the Story

One of the most important aspects that can keep the reader entertained is definitely the pace. Fortunately, this manhwa has amazing pace, and there isn’t a single moment I felt like scrolling faster.

The flow of the story is really well done by introducing the important characters at typical times and with twists and turns.

A Word from Us!

If you’re thinking of reading The Beginning After the End manhwa, go on, and once you’re done finishing all the chapters, we suggest reading the novel if you can’t afford to wait for weeks.

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