10 Best Free Manhwa/Webtoons and Where You Can Read Them

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Webtoons/Manhwa have recently become an essential source of entertainment due to the ever-growing addition of new titles into various platforms such as Webtoon, Tappytoon, and Tapas. While the RPG genre, which blends action and fantasy with a mix of a level-up system, has become increasingly popular, other genres like romance have also garnered quite an acclaim.

With Webtoon apps asking for a subscription straightaway, it can get a bit frustrating for many reasons, and that’s why we’re here to help you out. While we advise you not to have exceedingly high expectations, we can also promise you to provide some quality recommendations. With that in mind, here are some of the free manhwa and webtoons you can read right now.

10. DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

DICE - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

Almost every human has a past thing that they want to change, and some entirely wish to start a new life, and it’s normal because we’re humans. In the DICE webtoon, Dong Tae has led a life of misery in all realms of human endeavor, whether it be socializing, school grades, or appearance-wise.

However, that all changes when a transfer student named Taebin provides him with an opportunity to change his life through a dice, which can change Dong Tae’s fate with a single roll. If you’re action fantasy manhwa without dungeon and monster tags, this one is for you.

Where to Read: WEBTOON

9. True Beauty

True Beauty - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

True Beauty is one of those popular webtoons which acquired enormous critical and commercial acclaim and received a Korean drama adaptation that is adored by fans. It has a relatively unique premise of a girl who, after watching beauty videos online, becomes the prettiest girl of her school overnight.

However, her elite status is put to the test when she must keep her true identity a secret. With refreshing artwork and a good combination of romance and comedy, it offers plenty of entertainment and is free to read.

Where to Read: WEBTOON

8. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

Hardcore Leveling Warrior leaves up to its title rather well because you have a main character who does precisely that. Ethan, the No. 1 player in the world’s biggest game, Lucid Adventure, is mysteriously killed by an unknown player and falls back to Level 1 from 99.

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With his gaming experience and the connections he made all these years, he will do whatever it takes to climb back up. In contrast to popular belief, it is a really good MMORPG story, especially considering there aren’t many decent ones in the genre.

Where to Read: WEBTOON

7. I am the Sorcerer King

I am the Sorcerer King - Free Manhwa
Image via Kakao Page

At first glance, I Am the Sorcerer King seems like a rip-off of Solo Leveling, especially with the basic premise sounding incredibly similar. However, once you get to reading it, you will notice how great and different it is. The best thing you will probably notice in the manhwa is the main character, who plans every step carefully to become strong and keep those close to him safe.

Ever since the world changed, Sunghoon Lee has been struggling to keep himself together, with his mother bedridden due to the magical effect of the constantly changing world. However, while acting as bait for the Awakeners, those who hunt the monsters, he almost dies but remembers his past life, where he was the Sorcerer King. With newfound knowledge, Sunghoon embarks on a path of becoming the strongest Awakener in the world.

Where to Read: TAPAS

6. The God of High School

The God of High School - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

The God of High School is a popular action fantasy manhwa that was adapted into an anime through MAPPA studio, and even with such a solid execution, many believe the webtoon still prevails over it. Imagine how good the manhwa must be to get such an opinion, and that’s every bit true. If you enjoy a great storyline and action sequences combined with detestable villains, read it.

Jin Mori promised his grandfather that he would become the strongest fighter when he was a child, and years later, he entered the competition known as “The God of High School,” where fighters from across Korea aim to win. The winner can have one wish as long as it is within the reach of common sense, but the story delves into an even larger conspiracy.

Where to read: WEBTOON

5. Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero - Free Manhwa
Image via Kakao Page

Kill the Hero is another anti-hero manhwa which is quite similar to Solo Leveling but only on the surface. With a cunning protagonist who stops at nothing, this manhwa offers a plentiful of schemes and action scenes you usually enjoy in RPG webtoons.

Woojin never anticipated that his own guild leader would kill him while he was trying his best to save the world from monsters, but fortunately, he got a chance to start over. However, this time he set his sights on revenge and decided to become stronger to find out what led to such a miserable outcome in his past life.

Where to read: TAPAS

4. The Servant is the Demon King?

The Servant is the Demon King - Free Manhwa
Image via Kuaikan Manhua

No matter how many revenge or reincarnation stories we have in the manhwa medium, readers still crave more. The Servant is the Demon King? is one such manhua, which is surprisingly well-drawn and feels immensely satisfying to read. With perfect character developments and twists and turns around, it is one of the best manhua you can read for free.

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Yifan Zhou, who used to be a Demon King, defeated all his foes, but betrayal from a close person forced him to reincarnate into the body of a young servant. How will he get stronger and regain his position as the Demon Lord? More than anything, how will he get his revenge?

Where to read: TAPAS

3. Pigpen

Pigpen - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

Pigpen is one of the most underrated webtoons we’ve read, and that we found on the caliber of Bastard and Sweet Home, both in a sense of genre comparison and story. It is one of those psychological thriller stories that keep you on the edge of your seats but will continue to be entertaining.

The story follows a young man who wakes up on a relaxing beach without knowing how he got there. Usually, a person would think of enjoying the beach, but he has bigger things to do, like piecing everything together from his past to figure out the situation he’s in and how he needs to get out of this wretched place.

Where to read: WEBTOON

2. The Boxer

The Boxer - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

The Boxer is arguably one of the sports manhwa/manga you can read, not just because of its intriguing take on Boxing but also due to its exceptional approach to the story. The artwork is incredible, but what you need to pay attention to is the fights and the story development as you read further.

The story is about a weak-looking young man who is often bullied by thugs, but he doesn’t care as long as they don’t injure him critically. But when a boxing coach who is disappointed in all the rookies he came across witnesses the main character dodging a critical blow during a street fight, he is determined to turn him into a champion boxer. But achieving it won’t be easy, much less convincing him to train under the coach.

Where to read: WEBTOON

1. Bastard

Bastard - Free Manhwa
Image via Naver Webtoon

Bastard is one of those manhwa masterpieces that you cannot afford to miss. The story is about Jin, a school outcast who often gets bullied for his disabilities. However, those are nothing compared to what he has to endure at home with his father, who is a serial killer that murders young women and makes Jin his accomplice.

However, when Jin meets a kind girl named Kyun, who saves him from bullies, he realizes that she is the next target of his father. Will he be able to save her from his own father? What follows is a thrilling mind game between Jin and his father, and if you fancy reading serial killer stories, you have a hidden gem right here.

Where to read: WEBTOON

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