Where to Watch Solo Leveling Anime for Free?

Where to Watch Solo Leveling anime

Solo Leveling is one of the most anticipated anime and if you’re looking for

Solo Leveling has always been one of the greatest manhwa ever created and with the new anime adaptation announcement, fans are crazier than ever. While we’re at it, where to watch Solo Leveling anime season 1 when it comes out?

It is a known fact that Tappytoon hosts the official rights for the solo leveling webtoon and if you haven’t read it yet, you might as well do it now. So, where is the anime going to be released when it comes out?

If you have been wondering about it, we have the perfect source for you. Let’s see where you can binge-watch the Solo Leveling anime in case you haven’t known about it yet. Meanwhile, you can also check out our 11 Epic Anime like Solo Leveling, in case you’re craving similar dungeon adventures.

Solo Leveling Anime: Plot, Release Date, and More!


Before we get into where to watch Solo Leveling anime, here’s everything you need to know about it. Solo Leveling anime adapts the story from manhwa by Chugong as creator and Jang Sung-rak as artist. A-1 Pictures, the anime studio who created some amazing anime shows like Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and Your Lie in April is incharge of animation department.

The plot follows a lonely and responsible E-rank hunter Sung Jin-woo who barely survives in a world filled with dungeons and dangers. After encountering a dual dungeon, he posesses a system which helps him evolve unlike usual awakeners. Will he finally be able to abandon his life as a weakling and get into a path to become the strongest existence?

The actual release date of Solo Leveling is not yet confirmed by the franchise but we do know it will come out in 2023.

Where to Watch Solo Leveling Anime Season 1?

Although producers seemingly mentioned as Aniplex, the anime will be officially available in Crunchyroll in 2023. Aniplex distributes Blurays and DVDs. As Funimation merged under Crunchyroll banner, the dubs probably will be in same section where you can watch subbed version.

As it gets with further episode releases and ends up airing the whole of first season, we may get anime in other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t checked out either manhwa or novel yet, try them; the experience is immesurable with both versions.

Final Thoughts!

Solo Leveling is sure to break the internet when it gets released and airs all the episodes of first season. It is up to A-1 pictures to bring out the best from the stunning art-filled masterpiece.

So, what do you think about this adaptation? Do you think Solo Leveling anime is going to be a huge success? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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