10 Mind-Blowing Demon Slayer Theories/Mysteries You Should Know!

Demon Slayer Theories

Demon Slayer anime/manga theories are one of the most searched topics around the world and we bring you the top 10 Demon Slayer Theories which might spark your interest

Demon Slayer has been one of the most watched and discussed anime during the last few years. The first two seasons have been full of breathtaking action and plot.

The anime viewers have found various easter eggs and have come up with various theories of their own. The writers have put a lot of effort into tiny details in the anime, making it much more fun to watch. Below are the top 10 Demon Slayer Theories.

Top 10 Demon Slayer Theories!

10. Nezuko and the Bamboo Muzzle

Nezuko and the Bamboo Muzzle

All the viewers know the origin of the bamboo muzzle in Nezuko’s mouth and that it is not merely a character design. Though Nezuko seems to be in control of her demon self and even has a spell put on her, she is a demon, and no one knows when she might lose control.

The bamboo muzzle helps her control her demon anger while keeping everyone around her safe. Bamboo Muzzle also makes Nezuko appear human and blend among the others. Not to mention that it makes Nezuko-chan extremely cute as well!!!

9. Inosuke and His Pig Head

Inosuke and His Pig Head

Inosuke is a character that can be easily recognized by the pig head that he wears all the time. He has a sad story about growing up with boars and lacking social skills.

Inosuke’s mother, while fleeing her abusive husband, takes refuge in a cult that, unbeknownst to her, was run by the demon Doma and gets killed by him. Consequently, Boars raises the infant Inosuke, and he wears the hollowed-out head of his boar mother to honor her memory.

8. Twelve Demons Inspired by Diseases

Twelve Demons Inspired by Diseases

The fans have pointed out that the Twelve Kizukis were inspired by diseases. This theory makes sense when backed by the fact that the first demon came into existence due to infectious disease, whose treatment remained incomplete. 

Daki modeled by syphilis, Gyutaro could be a victim of congenital syphilis, Kaigaku could be modeled after human scabies, Gyokko after amoebic dysentery, Hantengu after leprosy, Nakime after infectious conjunctivitis, Doma after stage 2 tuberculosis and Kokushibyo after the plague or black death.

7. Nezuko’s Silence

Nezuko's Silence

Along with the bamboo muzzle, fans have noticed that Nezuko does not speak. Some believe that Nezuko lost her cognitive abilities when she became a demon. To restore it, she has to consume human flesh, which she refuses as she does not want to harm any humans. 

Another theory is that she has taken a vow of silence to condition her mind and control herself against the demonic instincts to retain her humanity. Demon Slayer has elements from the Japanese religion of Shinto, which talks about silence as a tool for spiritual growth and inner peace. 

6. Tanjiro’s Sword

Tanjiro's Sword

Tanjiro’s sword, or Nichirin, is black for thematic purposes and has a deeper meaning. nichirins for Demon Slayer have been infused with sunlight, which is the demons’ weakness. According to the swordsmith, the color of the nichirin depends on the breath style of the user, and the painted part of it depends on the user’s personality. 

The viewers point out that the black sword could represent the sun breathing as all the other breathings derive from it, and the color black is achieved by mixing all the colors. Black could also represent Tanjiro’s family occupation of selling charcoal which becomes bright red hot when burned. It may also be a nod to the God of Fire that the Kamado family prays to. 

5. Tanjiro’s Scar

Tanjiro's Scar

The scar on Tanjiro’s forehead was a minor burn when he saved his little brother from getting burned. When Tanjiro grows strong, the scar changes into the shape of a mark.

The mark awakens when Tanjiro is in danger and when the Sun Breathing technique is in use. The scar on his forehead refers to Demon Slayer Mark, a tattoo-like mark or birthmark that grants the bearer incredible power and links directly to the Sun Breathing technique. The power-up makes the bearer at the same level as the Twelve Kizuki.

4. Muzan’s Search for Blue Spider Lily

Muzan’s Search for Blue Spider Lily

The Demon King Muzan is said to have been the first demon to be created. He is in search of the blue spider lily as it will help him gain immortality by making him immune from the sun. It is a belief that The blue spider lily can regenerate itself and be able to create demons.

Muzan is weak and vulnerable to sunlight, which can degrade his body. He killed the doctor who had helped him when Muzan was near death. As the doctor was the only one who knew about the flower’s location, Muzan made it his goal to find it no matter what. 

3. Sun Breathing 

Sun Breathing 

Also known as Hinokami Kagura is a Breathing style that was one of the first to be created. Yorichi Tsugikuni is the creator of Sun Breathing, and all the Breathing styles derive from it by modifying it to meet the needs of all different individuals. 

The users of this style mimic the sun and replicate its movement and techniques. All techniques and forms are different, which makes them very effective against demons. This breathing is passed on from father to son in every generation, along with the Hanafuda earrings. Sun Breathing has 12 techniques connected to each form. Later, Yoriichi created a new unnamed technique while meeting with Muzan Kibusuji. 

The Kamado family has used this technique, and Tanjiro is the last user who learned it from his father, Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro first used the Sun Breathing against Rui during the Natagumo Arc. He realized that his body was more suited to this breathing technique as it increased his overall power and speed. 

2. The Transformation of Nezuko

The Transformation of Nezuko

There have been various theories about why Nezuko turned into a demon and did not join the rest of her family. It was not an intentional move by Muzan, as he wanted to kill the whole family.

Demon Slayer borrows many elements from Japanese mythology and the Shinto religion. In the Shinto religion, ancestors hold an important position, and the Kamado family does the ‘dance of Fire God’ every year as an offering to God. Viewers have pointed out that the ancestor’s spirits may have saved Tanjiro and Nezuko. 

1. Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings

Tanjiro's Hanafuda Earrings

The Hanafuda earrings passed down to the male born of the Kamado family through generations following the Hinokami Kagura is quite a mystery. Muzan Kibutsuji looked agitated when he saw Tanjiro with the Hanafuda earrings.

Muzan gets a glimpse of a man with red hair and the same earrings from his past, which makes him order his two men to follow Tanjiro. The earrings reminded him of Yoriichi, the only demon slayer who almost killed Muzan. 

Final Thoughts 

Demon Slayer has elements from Japanese religion and mythology. As the anime progresses, fans with keen eyes notice things that others may have missed. These theories help the viewers understand why certain characters behave the way they do.

The upcoming seasons are sure to contain various other factors that will also give birth to many new theories. We are confident that all are holding their breath and eagerly waiting for the anime to be released as soon as possible. 

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