10 Best Anime Based on Manhua, Ranked

Anime Based on Manhua
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Reading manhua is often a tiresome task because the creators skip most of the content from the web novels, making its pace faster, which can be helpful sometimes but backfires a lot. Thus, the best option would be either reading the novel or watching anime adapted from these manhua or, in simple terms, manhua anime.

Reading novels may not be everyone’s strong suit, so the latter option is more viable if the majority’s interests are taken into account. So, if you’re looking for some good Chinese anime based on manhua, you’re in the right place. Here are the best manhua anime you can watch right now.

10. Martial Universe

Martial Universe - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Martial Universe, adapted from the manhua of the same name, is a great cultivation/martial arts anime you can watch. The story takes place in the Great Yan Empire, where four great clans have always dominated the others, and a specific individual separated from the Lin Clan to start his own family.

However, he was crippled by a genius named Lin Langtian, and now it is up to Lin Dong, the son whose sole purpose is to seek revenge on the clan that banished and crippled his father.

9. Stellar Transformation

Stellar Transformation - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Stellar Transformation starts as a typical cultivation anime where the main character, Qin Yu, is incapable of practicing internal arts, but a fateful encounter with a mysterious red crystal, which fuses with his body, provides him with some astounding abilities.

With newfound power, Qin Yu embarks on a journey with his peculiar pet bird, Xiao Hei, to prove his might in a world full of geniuses and arrogant young masters. The anime excels in many aspects with a good story, terrific animation, and stellar battles that hook you up from the very beginning.

8. Perfect World

Perfect World - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Perfect World, befitting its title, introduces you to an amazing fantasy world filled with stunning visuals and magnificent mythological creatures. The story follows Shi Hao, who is born in a unique world where villagers fight to gain power and control.

After learning that he is a genius blessed by the heavens, they do everything in their efforts to aid in his cultivation. What destiny awaits Shi Hao as he travels the barren and mysterious lands of this perfect world?

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7. The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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The King’s Avatar is a widely popular anime based on manhua, and there is even a live-action drama, which is a masterpiece. The story revolves around Ye Xiu, who is notorious for being a battle god in the most popular online game, Glory, who is forced to retire after his years of contributions to Jia Shi.

However, Ye Xiu is determined to make his return by the next launch of Glory’s server, but tons of obstacles stand in his way. Watch the anime if you enjoy content about gamers and friendship.

6. Scumbag System

Scumbag System - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Everyone who has always dreamed of transmigrating into a cultivation world will find a new perspective after watching this anime. The story follows Shen Yuan, who read countless xianxia novels where the protagonist cultivates a demonic path and takes revenge on his scumbag master, eventually building his own harem.

However, when he suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world, he becomes the scumbag master waiting to be killed by his disciple, Luo Binghe. How will he survive the imminent fate of dying in the hands of his disciple?

5. Swallowed Star

Swallowed Star - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Swallowed Star is one of the most visually striking and impressively created anime we’ve ever seen. When a mysterious RR virus turned the earth into ruins, mutating monsters took over it.

However, the minimal percentage of humans who survived have resisted being annihilated and built base cities to survive using the new powers acquired from the universe.

We follow Luo Feng, who starts as a young man who wants to provide a decent home to his family as he embarks on a path to unravel the universe’s secrets while saving the earth from one trouble after another. The anime is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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4. Throne of Seal

Throne of Seal - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Throne of Seal is an adventure fantasy with a unique approach to cultivation stories and is also a bit similar to Soul Land. In the anime, demons, led by 72 demon gods, invaded mankind six thousand years ago, and the remnants of humanity had to band to keep them at bay for the time being.

In the present time, Long Hao Chen trains to become a part of the Knight Temple Hall, but when a ritual reveals that he possesses immense spiritual energy, which would stand a chance in defeating the Demon Lord, he must surpass his limits to become stronger if he were to give a shot at survival for fellow humans.

3. Soul Land

Soul Land - Best Anime Based on Manhua
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Soul Land is one of the few manhua anime you must watch regardless of whether you’re into Chinese anime series. Although it is not a picture-perfect representation of its source material, it is far better than its manhua and absolutely worth watching.

After stealing the forbidden teachings of his clan, Tang San jumps off Hell’s Peak as atonement, but to his surprise, he’s reborn in another world where innate spirits are the base of everyone’s cultivation. Born with the weakest innate spirit, Blue Silver Grass, how will Tang San survive in this strange world, where strong step in weak like they are worms?

2. Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing - Best Anime Based on Manhua
Image via Bilibili/Funimation

Heaven Official’s Blessing is an addicting cultivation anime that pays attention to every scene and detail, ensuring to stay faithful to the novel and manhua it is adapted from. The story follows Xie Lan, who used to be the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom until he was banished to the mortal realm due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite trying to ascend to the heavens two times, he became a laughingstock among his peers. However, during his third attempt eight hundred years later, he meets a mysterious ghost who changes his life forever.

1. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Best Anime Based on Manhua
Image via Tencent Penguin Pictures/Aniplex

It goes without saying that Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is probably the best cultivation anime ever to exist. If you fancied the story, you could also watch its live-action series, which is every bit as good as the anime and novel.

The story revolves around Wei Wuxian, who has been through a series of tragedies, losing loved ones to enemies and eventually treading on the demonic path. However, he was overpowered by the clans who unified and killed by his closest ally.

Thirteen years later, he is reincarnated into the body of a lunatic to set things right and bring truth to the light while seeking vengeance on who took everything from him.

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