20+ Best School Life Manhwa with Badass MC, Ranked

school life manhwa with badass mc

Do you like manhwa/manhua where MC knocks the sh*t out of bullies? Or perhaps you love the main character being overpowered and makes everyone surprise in the school.

Well, whatever it is, the list we’re about to present contains every type of concept you desire, such as a school life manhwa with badass mc, school life Korean manhwa with op mc, etc.

School Life Manhwa with Badass MC/Op MC!

1. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End- School Manhwa with Badass MC

King Grey had a regretful death and got reincarnated into a magical world. In this life, he got a loving and caring family along with threats this world will bring. Will he be able to live an unregretful life this time?

The Beginning After the End is literally the best manhwa you’ll read today. Arthur Leywin is a complete badass character, and more than a few scenes take place in the academy, making it a school life fantasy manhwa with badass mc/op mc.

2. Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Yu Ijin lived as a mercenary after their parents died in a crash in which only he survived, resulting in losing his memories.

After ten years, he found out that he has a caring grandfather and a sister. But after reuniting with his family, can he live a normal life?

If you love Korean webtoons where the MC beats the sh*t out of bullies, this is definitely one of the best choices. It has a good storyline, action-focused, and with every chapter, it gets better.

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3. Weak Hero

Weak Hero- School Manhwa with Badass MC

In this school, bullies rule the weak by trampling and tormenting them all the time. Then Gray arrived, who looks weak but with his calculative and manipulative fighting skills, no one is his match.

I love how Weak Hero manhwa doesn’t show the MC totally overpowering others. Instead, he gets stronger throughout the chapters, and Gray is a pure badass MC.

4. The Breaker

The Breaker- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Shi-Woon got sick of getting bullied, and in a desperate moment, he turned to his teacher, Chun-Woo. Although Chun-Woo is a martial artist, he doesn’t want to take a disciple just like that. How will Shi-Woon survive?

The Breaker is a slow-burn manhwa with a badass mc. The story sets the stage for the main character, and once you get into the actual point of the story, you’ll enjoy it wholeheartedly.

5. unOrdinary

unOrdinary- School Manhwa with Badass MC

John is a typical teenager in his school that is filled with ability users. Well, at least that’s what everyone thought, but he has a secret that can bring the whole social order down. What could it be?

UnOrdinary is not for everyone. I mean, it has its flaws, but in front of its pros, you don’t even care to consider them. If you’re looking for a school manhwa with op main character, try this one out.

6. Dokgo

Dokgo- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Kang Hu died from bullying, and his family got toned to pieces. After one year, his younger brother joins the same school to destroy the bullies. But can he do it alone?

You see, everything this manhwa has to offer you can find in the synopsis. It is a simple story yet feels satisfying to read. So, if you’re looking for a good school life webtoon with op mc, this one is for you.

7. Girls of the Wild’s

Girls of the Wild's- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Wild’s High specializes in a fighting league, and the girls participate in brutal fights. In such a school, Song Jae Gu gets a scholarship, and from the moment he meets Queen of the school, his life begins to change.

This manhwa got everything you need. A good storyline, epic action sequences, badass mc, and what not? If you’re looking for a school life manhwa with badass mc female with a unique approach, try this one out.

8. Random Chat

Random Chat- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Joon-Woo is an outcast, and his only way of making it through the day is chatting. One day, he meets a pretty young girl in the chat who later turns out to be his classmate Seung Ah. How will the story end?

If your initial impression of this manhwa isn’t much impressive, you might as well give it another chance. The MC brings a sense of relatability to readers, and the story is well-written as well.

9. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years- School Manhwa with Badass MC

The greatest archmage in history spends 4000 years in eternity and finally finds himself in the body of Frei Blake, the weakest student of Westroad Academy. How will he become powerful and get his revenge?

This one feels kind of similar to “Tales of Demons and Gods” manhua to me. It has an overpowered mc who is quite underestimated all the time, and if you can hold out until the story gets better, you’ll love it.

10. Viral Hit

Viral Hit- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Hobin Yoo is the last person you can imagine who would star in the NewTube channel. But somehow, he began knocking the stronger guys and earning money. What’s the mystery behind it, and will he meets his match sooner or later?

For one thing, the character development in this manhwa is insane. It starts interestingly and gets a bit boring for a few chapters, but if you can bear it, you’ll be reading a fantastic school life manhwa with op mc.

11. Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Suchan Jang, an extraordinary college student, hides a secret from everyone. He has a pair of insect wings that grew after using a mysterious bug spray named “Jungle Juice.”

His life takes a drastic turn when he exposes his secret while saving someone. However, later he finds out about a hidden world where insect humans live, and will he finally be able to find happiness?

Instead of focusing on badass action scenes and overpowered moments, this manhwa depicts how life changes through an accident. It is a pretty awesome webtoon to read if you’re into good storylines.

12. Get Schooled

Get Schooled- School Manhwa with Badass MC

It has become tough after the government passed the law not to handle the students with corporal punishment, and so, bullies have become abundant.

Before it gets out of hand, Hwajin Na gets assigned to teach them a lesson. How will he change the situation that has gotten into quite a complicated stage?

Get Schooled is a freaking amazing webtoon and the exact one you’re looking to read for days. An op mc punishing the bullies, and as a lover of this genre, what more do you want?

It has some satisfying moments along with a typical yet intriguing storyline. If you haven’t read this one yet, take my word and do it right away. You’ll love it!

13. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

A Returner's Magic Should be Special- School Manhwa with Badass MC

After attempting to clear the final level of the labyrinth, Desir Arman returns to the past when he was in the nation’s best academy. Will he be able to change the future and save the world from a catastrophe?

This one is “school life manhwa where MC travels back in time,” kind of manga with a fantasy concept. The storytelling, and although it is slow in the beginning, gets better later on.

14. Nevermore

Nevermore- School Manhwa with Badass MC

James Jung joins Ozoh academy as a student, but he’s a secret agent trying to protect the principal from an assassin. The assassin’s name is Samuel Gyo.

They can fight but have to abide by three rules: not exposing their identities, not harming students, and they can’t use firearms. But what if they fall under another unspoken rule?: not to fall in love.

If you love BL manhwa with action and romance, then this one is your cup of coffee. I mean, you get two op and badass characters and romance as a bonus.

15. God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Kang Chan, known as “God of Blackfield,” was killed on a mission along with his team members. Somehow, three years later, he found himself in the body of another Kang Chan who constantly gets bullied. How will he get his revenge?

If you’re on a hunt for a school life manhwa with op mc that intrigues you right from the first chapter, you might not be able to find a better one. It is awesome in every way, and the action scenes are epic.

16. Study Group

Study Group- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Gamin Yoon studies in a school that holds future gangsters, and he studied hard to enter the university. Will he be able to go on with his peaceful life or involves himself in endless fights?

If there are a couple of or even a few underrated webtoons out there, this one will be on the list. It has got quite an intriguing story and one hell of op mc. So, why don’t you read it and find it out yourselves?

17. Pounding

Pounding- School Manhwa with Badass MC

The protagonist is sick of his miserable life, and one day, he even attempts suicide. But an unknown person becomes his savior, and interestingly, he is also his worst enemy.

I love how action scenes are detailed in this manhwa. The artwork is pretty detailed, too, even though it isn’t the best out there. The way the story moves, characters are revealed is impressive, and you just can’t help but love it.

18. Duty After School

Duty After School- School Manhwa with Badass MC

The story takes place in a school where students are drafted into the military after school hours to fight against aliens. In this dark story, will they survive and emerge as victors?

If you’re not sensitive to dark-themed webtoons, you probably be able to read this one without any uneasiness. The author pulls no punches in playing with your emotions, and it is an excellent manhwa to read.

19. Gangs of School

Gangs of School - School Manhwa with Badass MC

His family crumbled when his father killed himself, and his mother lost her mind. For the sake of his blind sister and his family, he starts his own gang school in Busan.

Gangs of School is a unique and rare manhwa in this genre. It has a good storyline, and although the execution is okay, the characters make up for it. It is a must-read if you’re into manhwa with badass mc.

20. High School Devil

High School Devil- School Manhwa with Badass MC

The Mc has a nickname “High School Devil.” When his mother passed away, he began moving school, but troubles keep getting in his way due to his past. How will he handle them?

For some reason, this manhwa gives similar vibes to Weak Hero. The storyline is pretty standard, the action scenes are top-notch, and its pace is good too.

21. Zero Game

Zero Game- School Manhwa with Badass MC

Hanna Yoo has been living a tough life after her parents passed away. But a single email gives her the opportunity to change her life completely. But she has to participate in a dangerous game?

Although Zero Game doesn’t set most of its events in a school-type environment, there are two reasons you should read it. A strong female main character and she’s a badass throughout the story.

Concluding School Life Manhwa!

That’s one hell of a list, isn’t it?. If you have been searching for some good school life manhwa with badass mc, this list will be more than enough for you.

So, what do you think about our list? Do you have any other webtoons on your mind that could fit on our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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